Release of Version 3.0.4

Nikolai Kondrashov Nikolai.Kondrashov at
Thu Sep 11 22:50:34 CEST 2014

Hi Alan,

On 09/11/2014 04:17 PM, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Nikolai Kondrashov wrote:
>> Still, can you provide more details?
>    String comparisons were sometimes handled inconsistently.  Let's take
> regular expressions as an example:
> 	if (Filter-Id =~ /foo/) {
>    The previous code would print the value of the Filter-Id to a string,
> and then perform the regex check on the printed string.  That meant that
> certain characters like ", ', etc. which were in the Filter-Id were
> escaped " --> \", etc.  That escaping made it difficult to create a
> regex which matched.
>    The new behavior is that the regex checks are performed on the
> Filter-Id string, without any modifications.  This means that " is just
> itself.
>    The good news is that this change should have minimal effect.  The
> example Filter-Id regex above will work the same way, and won't have
> it's behavior change.
>    The ONLY change is for regexes, string compares, etc. which have
> embedded quotes, backslashes, etc. in them.  Previously, the "special"
> characters had to be escaped.  Now they don't.

Thank you for an extended explanation, it makes things clearer.

Could you please point me in the general direction where I should look in the
code, to see exactly which characters were escaped before? It's not so
important, as none are escaped now, as I understand, but will still be useful.

>> As this has potential of breaking user configurations, we (Red Hat)
>> should try
>> to be as specific as possible to help people avoid or quickly fix the
>> issues.
>    It would also help if RedHat upgraded their version of FreeRADIUS to
> something other than 2.1.12.  That is causing ME problems for support.
> People keep coming here to complain about issues, because you shipping a
> version which is 4 years old.

I understand. I will be working on that in an upcoming RHEL6 release -
that's the only way we can get a new package version in.

Unfortunately, when I stepped into the package maintenance, the window for
bringing new versions into the release being done at that time was closing and
I was in no condition to advocate for an upgrade yet.

>    It works both ways.  If you want us to help you, it would be polite to
> help us.  So far, the only contributions we've seen from RedHat are bugs
> fixes for the RedHat builds, and complaints that we need to do more work.

I understand. I hope I wasn't heavy on the complaints personally.
With regards for more help, I don't have much time allocated for maintenance,
but as I get to know FreeRADIUS better, I hope my help will get more

>> Or, if there are particular pieces of changed code which are easy to
>> list, I
>> can try to understand what changed myself.
>    The git history is publicly available.

Sure, it's just not easy to search through, not knowing what you're looking
for. Now that you've given more details it will be easier, but otherwise a
file name will help further.

Thank you.


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