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I was using radmin to view the server statistics. But I am not getting and finding examples of the usage of these few radmin commands. For e.g.,

1. set module <command> --- What is command overhere? 

2. show <command> ----  What is command overhere?

3. stats <command> ----  What is command overhere?

4. add <command> ---- What is command overhere?

5. set <command> ---- What is command overhere?

Please give me examples so that I can understand them.


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Subject: Re: Problem in Module Statistics in freeradius
Himanshu Pandey wrote:

> I added the following code in modcall.c under the function

> modcall_recurse():

  This list is for *using* FreeRADIUS.  It's not for learning how to


  You're making beginners errors in the code.  Don't do that.

  Alan DeKok.


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