How to Pass multiple Attribute Value Pair of Same Name.

Herwin Weststrate herwin at
Tue Apr 28 08:59:33 CEST 2015

On 28-04-15 08:46, Amit Butere wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> i am using FreeRADIUS Version 3.0.3 and using perl module
> when i pass single Attribute to perl script like ie. ( $RAD_CHECK{'
> Account-Info'} ) .i can get all the values of this variable available in
> the perl for processing.
> but when i am trying to pass multiple variable of same name i am not
> getting those values pass to perl script.
> in the DB i have following entries
>   Account-Info = "AInternet-Sevice"
>   Account-Info = "NBoD-2Meg"
> i gone through doc but i am missing something i guess kindly guide me what
> i am missing .

You get them as an arrayref, which means you can do things like this:

  for my $account_info (@{ $RAD_CHECK{'Account-Info'} }) {
    radiusd::radlog(L_DBG, "Account info value: $account_info");

> also in previous version of radius 2.2.x . when using perl module i can
> simply print any variable with print command and variable name. how can i
> achieve same in this new version of radius.

The `radiusd::radlog` command (see the example above) prints to the log
of FreeRADIUS, but I'm not sure I understood this question correctly.

Herwin Weststrate

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