Locking in rlm_detail

Nathan Ward lists+freeradius at daork.net
Tue Apr 28 13:18:47 CEST 2015

Hi all, 

I’m a long time FR user but first time on this list.  

I’ve got a 3.0.4 system running, though I think that this applies to everything since d9b39f43f620aede773d41a930353926b52e3e68, which first saw release in 3.0.3. This seems to apply to v3.1.x also.  

The docs, and config parser, support an option in rlm_detail called “locking”.  
It was my hope that this would lock the file until it was closed, rather than locking the file only while I write was taking place, but I understand now that that’s not how the feature was intended. This is really by the by.  

However, in investigating this, I found that the “locking” option doesn’t seem to have any effect in 3.0.3+. The last code that I could find that looks at the state of the option is removed in the commit I mention above.  

It appears (from some quick, non-exhaustive code reading) that the new(ish) logfile API locks for all writes, so this option is no longer, well, optional?

I understand that this isn’t relevant to my particular hope for the “locking” option, but, I wanted to try and understand it nonetheless.  

If the “locking” option and documentation need to be removed, I’m happy to submit PRs for this (against both v3.0.x and v3.1.x of course), but wanted to check first. 

Nathan Ward

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