dynamic expansion will not be dynamically expanded in ldap configuration

Angel L. Mateo amateo at um.es
Wed Apr 29 08:17:20 CEST 2015

El 28/04/15 a las 12:48, Alan DeKok escribió:
> On Apr 28, 2015, at 2:25 AM, Angel L. Mateo <amateo at um.es> wrote:
>> 	The message I sent on 4/24 had an attachment. I have just realized that the list distributed it without it (I don't know why, but I have checked it in my sent messages).
>> 	Here it is again
>    As a zip file.  <sigh>  You do know that the list accepts text, right?  Why are you making it as difficult as possible for people to help you?
	I sent it as a zip file because I previously sent directly as text, but 
list manager (or some MTA in the way) removed the attach. I have 
attached a screenshot of my sent messages so you could check that the 
message I sent on 4/24 had an attach.

>    The debug log seems clear:
> (0) files_adminslogin: users: Matched entry DEFAULT at line 8
> (0)     [files_adminslogin] = ok
>    So... what's on line 8?  Is the entry with LDAP-Group before or after line 8 of that file?
	The entry with ldap-group is before line 8.

>    And why have you renamed many of the modules?  Perhaps you could have said this before.

	I renamed them because I have more than one ldap module with different 
configurations. And if I could imagine that the name of the module is so 
important, I'd have said it before.

>    The advice I give here assumes that (a) you've described what you're doing, and (b) failing that, you're using the default configuration.
>    Neither assumption seems to be true.
>    Since you've renamed the LDAP module, you have to use a different name for the LDAP-Group attribute.  One that refers to the name you've given it.  In this case, "ldap-uid-LDAP-Group".  And you likely won't be able to use "Auth-Type := LDAP", either.
	Ok. I'll try this.

>    Or, you could just use NORMAL names for the modules.  There is really no reason to rename them.
	Really? Could I use more than one ldap module without renaming at least 
one of them?

>    This should be a lesson that you MUST (a) describe what you're doing, and (b) generally stay with the default configuration.
	(a) I really think I have describe what I'm doing. The only thing I 
didn't said in my messages is that I have named the modules.

	(b) And if name is so important you should document it in the docs, 
shouldn't you?

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