FreeRadius LDAP Simultaneous-Use more than 1

Reilly, Paul preilly at
Fri Feb 20 16:21:37 CET 2015

So after some configuration I was to make Freeradius work with MS AD using groups to modify vlan-id and everything seemed to be working great.  I tested Simultaneous-Use with the following configuration and it was working but when I switch it to  ":= 2" it fails to stop users after the second login.  It stops users correctly if I set it to 1 but fails on two.  I can see the user logins using radwho but it only ever shows 1 login.  Do I have to use Mysql to use Simultaneous-Use if the value is greater than 1?


DEFAULT Ldap-Group == "MS-AD-GROUP",Simultaneous-Use := 2  (works if set to 1)
                Fall-Through = NO


Paul Reilly

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