Implementing EAP-AKA in FreeRadius 2.2.6 + hostapd

Landau, Nir Nir.Landau at
Sat Feb 21 21:38:48 CET 2015

I know this subject may have been asked before but I didn't get the answer I was looking for so I will ask again thoroughly.
All the basic facts:
- I have installed FreeRadius version 2.2.6 including the rlm_sim and rlm_sim_files modules
- I have successfully connected a mobile phone through EAP-SIM and it worked perfectly
- I have generated the hostapd library
- I have generated quintlets for the aka auth
- I have read the file raddb/experimental.conf file

So after laying down all the things I have done I want to understand how to connect with the EAP-AKA.
I understand that the code that runs is not part of FreeRadius and that is why we need the libeap file
What I don't understand is the configuration I need to make in the FreeRadius and how everything is connected.
What exactly do I need to do? (A step by step instructions would be great).

Thank you very much

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