Failed to find "authorized_macs" in the "modules" section

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Feb 27 19:14:11 CET 2015

On Feb 27, 2015, at 1:05 PM, Ben Gartland <bengartland at> wrote:
> Created raddb/policy.conf as it didnt exist.  It is the same as in the wiki
> page.

  Don’t do that.  The files are now in raddb/policy.d.

> Next 'raddb/modules/file' did not exist, so I created it.  The file
> contents are the same as in the wiki page.

  Don’t do that.  The “files” configuration is now in raddb/mods-enabled/files.

  See raddb/README.rst for complete documentation on the differences between v2 and v3.  You can’t just copy random files over from v2 to v3.

> Moved onto 'raddb/authorized_macs' created the file and put in the known
> MAC address of the RADIUS supplicant (the device being authenticated).


> Finally, the 'raddb/sites-available/default' was modified and this is where
> it's not as clear.
> I've added this whole 'authorize' section to replace the existing section,

  PLEASE don’t do that.

  If you don’t know how the server works, the LAST thing you should do is butcher everything.  Don’t.  Just… don’t.

  Figure out what needs to be changed, and change only that.

> the next section is the 'authenticate' section and this hasn't been
> modified.
> When I start 'radiusd -X' I see the following output, which shows the error:
> failed to find "authorized_macs" in the "modules” section

  Because you didn’t configure the module.  See raddb/mods-enabled/

> Can anyone see what I have done wrong?

  Lots.  Undo everything you’ve done, and start from the default configuration.

  Read raddb/README.rst.

  Where the wiki says "raddb/modules/file”, put that file into raddb/mods-enabled/authorized_macs

  The raddb/authorized_macs can stay where it is.

  Then, add the piece from the wiki to the “authorize” section.  Don’t butcher the entire authorize section.  Make a SMALL change by ADDING some text.

  Alan DeKok.

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