Publishing an EAP-TLS WPA2 Enterprise Setup Guide on the Wiki

Jasvinder S. Bahra bbdl21548 at
Thu Jan 1 22:58:04 CET 2015


I've put together a step-by-step guide showing how to setup FreeRadius to 
provide a WPA2 Enterprise (EAP-TLS) secure wifi network.  In addition, the 
guide shows how to get various clients onto the network (windows, android 
and apple devices).

I would like to create a page on the official freeradius wiki for my guide, 
and place a link to it on the HOWTO ( 
page.  Does anyone know how I can gain permission to do so? (assuming 
permission is required)  Or do I need to join the freeradius-developer list 
and ask there?

If the guide would have to be vetted before hand - who would have to give 
the okay?  (again, if required)

If anyone can answer these questions, I would appreciate it.



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