Publishing an EAP-TLS WPA2 Enterprise Setup Guide on the Wiki

Jasvinder S. Bahra bbdl21548 at
Sat Jan 3 11:30:37 CET 2015


It looks like I posted too soon.

My guide describes how to configure windows and android clients to connect 
to a WPA2 Enterprise wifi network.

I had done some research into getting apple devices onto it, and I believed 
I had all the information necessary to get ipad's, iphone's and ipod's etc 
onto the network.  However, when I sat down to actually do so, I hit 
something of a brick wall.

I believed all I needed to do was download a PC application from the apple 
website called the iPhone Configuration Utility (or iPCU), and use it to 
create a profile which configured the relevant devices wifi connection 

It seems however, that the software has been deprecated - it hasn't been 
updated in years.  I can find no reference to it on the apple website.  It 
seems to have been replaced by an application named Configurator - which is 
only available for mac's.

Does anyone know of a way to configure ipad's, iphone's and ipod's wifi 
settings, without tools such as iPCU or Configurator?



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