Expansion of \t and \n in message with linelong module

paul.moser at bt.com paul.moser at bt.com
Wed Jan 7 12:39:31 CET 2015

On Dec 24, 2014, at 13:20 AM, Alan DeKok  wrote:

Just catching up after the Christmas break.

>> It sound like we are doing much the same as Matthew Newton, in addition to performing some normal authentication/authorization/accounting we also send information from those to another radius server as accounting packet - in some cases this is for additional auditing, sometimes as it enables other functionality - using the linelog module we could write out  a file in the standard detail format but with just the attributes we wanted (and the type as accounting even if it had originally been an access request), and use a detail listener to pick that up and send them on. Is there some other way to do this that I've missed?

>  Nope.  I hadn’t thought of doing that, but it would work.

>  I’ll see if I can push a fix to the line log module.

Thanks, it's a bit of a blocker for us moving to 3.x, I haven't come up with a simple alternative.

>  The longer term goal for the server is to extend the “originate-coa” functionality.  The server could receive an Access-Request, and just initiate an Accounting-Request, instead of going through a detail file.  Doing that requires some more architecture changes, which Arran and I will start in the new year.

Sounds like it would lead to a far cleaner configuration setup. When done if you want some feedback drop me a line and I'll try and update our use cases it use it.


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