Clive cliveallen0907 at
Wed Jan 7 13:00:17 CET 2015

Probably a very easy question to answer....

I have added the following to the clients.conf

Client clientname {
      Ipaddr =
      Secret = xxxxxxxxxx
      Shortname = clientname
      Nastype = other

When running radiusd -X I expect to see under the section "loading clients" this client to be in the list, but all I am seeing is the default client.

The client is an anchor WLC and although I am seeing a 1812 packet through the firewall to the WLC address, I am not seeing anything on the WLC log files.

Is this correct or not? Until the actual whole configuration process is complete is there another way I can test the workings from the WLC to the freeRADIUS box?


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