3.0.6 rlm_eap_gtc: Unknown Auth-Type perl

Nick Rogers ncrogers at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 18:34:06 CET 2015


In previous freeradius 2.2.x versions, I've been able to change the
Auth-Type to perl within the gtc module. For example...

eap {
        default_eap_type = peap
        timer_expire     = 60
        ignore_unknown_eap_types = no

        gtc {
            challenge = "Password: "
            auth_type = perl

This allowed rlm_eap_gtc to pass the password to rlm_perl via
the User-Password attribute.

Now when trying to upgrade to 3.0.x, it seems that an auth_type of perl is
no longer allowed. I am wondering if this is a bug or intentional change?

Should I be changing Auth-Type within eap_gtc via some other means? For

        gtc {
            challenge = "Password: "
            auth_type = perl
            update control {
               Auth-Type := Perl

Thank you.


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