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> On 20 Mar 2015, at 09:57, Alex Sharaz <alex.sharaz at> wrote:
> Hi,
> In common with (probably) every other freeradius user, my radius.log file shows logging of the form
> .....
> Fri Mar 20 13:44:07 2015 : Auth: Login OK: [jah534 at] (from client arubal2 port 0 cli 78-4B-87-C0-81-97 via TLS tunnel)
> Fri Mar 20 13:44:07 2015 : Auth: Login OK: [] (from client arubal2 port 0 cli 78-4B-87-C0-81-97)
> Fri Mar 20 13:44:07 2015 : Auth: Login OK: [6C-F3-7F-C2-15-F0] (from client ce1sw4 port 29 cli 6C-F3-7F-C2-15-F0)
> .....
> The above shows a local eduroam user log entry ( outer-tunnel user-name of ,inner tunnel username of jah534 at and a mac auth entry from a switch.
> From our point of view, the record with jah534 at is useful.... the record isn't.
> Is it possible to selectively disable what appears in the radius.log file ( e.g. modifying sites-enabled/default so that if  RADIUS attribute EAP-Message exists don't add an entry to radius.log. This would allow our mac-auths to be logged as well  as the TLS tunnel entries (as they are generated in sites-enabled/inner-tunnel) but discard the [] entries

No. Use linelog and disable the default auth logging.


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