Include IPv6

Simon Mesnage mr-miimon at
Fri May 8 10:18:11 CEST 2015

I'm using FreeRadius 3.0.7 and I want to perform a DHCPv6 but ''arr2036'' told me that FreeRadius doesn't support it.But it works with PPP and supports IPv6 address and prefix attributes types.
So, my question is, if I change the source code of freeradius dhcp, will it work ?Because I saw that in the code, there are attributes of DHCP and also his message-types, so I think it's possible to add/change these attributes by those of IPv6 but how ?
I saw there is a dhcp.c and dhcp.h file code but I only see dhcp.h in my config. 

Ps: Sorry for english faults, I'm French.Simon Mesnage, student in N&T at this UIT of Caen, France 		 	   		  

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