Accounting redundancy

Ricardo LarraƱaga ricardo.larranaga at
Fri May 22 03:20:54 CEST 2015

Hello Everyone:

I am planning on deploying freeradius on a redundancy configuration.
It will be runing under linux, and freeradius version is 3.0.4
In the simplest configuration, i would have two servers.

Redundancy for the authentication database will be done via master-slave
replication on the database side.

I would like to implement redundancy on the accounting database using
>From what i understand, i should be able to maintain identical copies of
the accounting tables this way, and i would be able to accomplish
simultaneous use check, which would be desirable.

Now, first of all, each of the servers have a local accounting database,
and i am writing to the database using an sql_buffered server. This works

Now, reading through the forums, i understand that having several readers
reading on the same accounting file can bring unpredictable results, is
this the case? In that case, can these two functions work together?

Also is this kind of configuration scalable to more than two servers? I am
wondering how can i configure each server to send the packets to 2 or more
different servers at the same time (In the case i would like to increase to
3 servers, or even more)

Any comments or recommendations would be appreciated.

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