implementing network authentication

Randeep randeep123 at
Wed May 27 19:46:27 CEST 2015

Hi Guys,

This is Randeep from Bangalore, India. I work in a small company. We are
planning to provide ISP services shortly.

The plan is as follows.
We will have a mpls nation wide vpn network and in each city we will have a
city POP where the local cable operators can connect to our network. From
the local cable operators we will reach the customers.

So we are planning to use FreeRadius for the network authentication. We
will have our centralized Radius server in Bangalore and in each city POP
we will have a NAS(Network Access Server), most probably a Mikrotik router.

The customers will as for authentication to the NAS and nas will forward
the request to the radius and radius will validate it.

Our plan for customer creation is as follows.
>From our website, we will be able to create new customers. From the website
we will be creating the broadband plans(includes the bandwidth available to
the customer like 10mbps and the data limit etc).

The issues are:
I couldn't find any apis for the freeradius to create the plans or create
the users or specify the plan details. How can I do this?

We will be using mysql along with FreeRadius.
What I understood from the google is the radius will send the VSA to the
NAS for limiting the user access. But from where the FreeRadius will get
these values?
Can we write this to the mysql tables?

And I learned that the NAS will update the Radius about the usage
periodically. But to which table in FreeRadius this will be written?

And will the freeRadius will compare the total data the user consumed and
his limit when the radius validate the next request from the user? Is there
any rules we need to write for this?

We would like to use PPPoE for auth. We have to run the PPPoE on Mikrotik?
also the ip pools we have to allot there?

And we would like to do two kind of logins.
1. A browser page redirection when the user tries to start using interent.
Which asks for password and username.
2. PPPoE dialer for android

Can you guys please clear these or suggest if any other better scenario for
implementing this kind of solution?

Best Regards,

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