implementing network authentication

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at
Wed May 27 22:49:42 CEST 2015

> The issues are:
> I couldn't find any apis for the freeradius to create the plans or create
> the users or specify the plan details. How can I do this?

You write your own which interfaces with one of the supported backends,
ldap, sql, redis, flatfiles etc.

> We will be using mysql along with FreeRadius.
> What I understood from the google is the radius will send the VSA to the
> NAS for limiting the user access. But from where the FreeRadius will get
> these values?


> Can we write this to the mysql tables?

Yes. Use the radcheck/radreply tables from the schema that ships with the server.

> And I learned that the NAS will update the Radius about the usage
> periodically. But to which table in FreeRadius this will be written?


> And will the freeRadius will compare the total data the user consumed and
> his limit when the radius validate the next request from the user? Is there
> any rules we need to write for this?

yes. But it's deployment specific. Generally you perform the check when
receiving an Accounting-Request and do something when the use is overlimit.

The something might be sending a disconnect-request to the NAS.

> We would like to use PPPoE for auth. We have to run the PPPoE on Mikrotik?
> also the ip pools we have to allot there?

You can do either. If you use pools on the server the IP address is returned
in the Framed-IP-Address attribute.

> And we would like to do two kind of logins.
> 1. A browser page redirection when the user tries to start using interent.
> Which asks for password and username.
> 2. PPPoE dialer for android
> Can you guys please clear these or suggest if any other better scenario for
> implementing this kind of solution?

That's outside the scope of this mailing list.

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