Problems with "due to lack of any response from home server"

Brian Julin BJulin at
Fri Oct 23 04:09:58 CEST 2015

Jorge Pereira [jpereiran at] wrote:
> Has someone with the same problem related to external home servers? The
> external NAS don't support "status-check",

I think I might but I've been waiting to catch it happening live with tshark, darn
reliable network / no test environment :-)

> home_server hs_001 {
>        type = auth+acct

... my intent, if I establish this to be the case would be to use status-check=request
since mine happens to be an acct-only server and I don't care about extra bits of
accounting.  It might be a nice feature request to have a way for specifying the use
of Accounting-Request pings to wake up both personalities of an auth+acct
home server to avoid having a "test" account on the account side.  If you can
safely finagle a test account, though, it should restore service much faster --
in fact ISTR talk about allowing an Access-Reject to serve as a valid wakeup event,
but have not tested/read into it enough to know if that works.

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