Problems with "due to lack of any response from home server"

Jorge Pereira jpereiran at
Fri Oct 23 02:10:47 CEST 2015

Hi everyone,

Has someone with the same problem related to external home servers? The
external NAS don't support "status-check", and my approach is.

home_server hs_001 {
        type = auth+acct
        secret = secret
        ipaddr =
        port = 1812
        proto = udp

*        status_check = none        revive_interval = 120
check_interval = 30        num_answers_to_alive = 3        max_outstanding
= 65536*

and still receiving tons of:

Problems with "ERROR: Failing proxied request for user "ac:d8:a1:8d:19:f9",
due to lack of any response from home server port 1813

p.s: on the v3.0.x /HEAD
Jorge Pereira

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