Understanding debugging logs

David Hartburn D.J.Hartburn at kent.ac.uk
Fri Oct 23 17:15:59 CEST 2015


Is there any advised technique or tools out there to help understanding 
FreeRADIUS debugging output generated by radmin/raddebug?

A lot of information is generated, but a method of cutting out repeated 
information or quickly highlighting issues in a debug session would be 

If not, is the best method working backwards, checking for errors in 
each packet log? I am already filtering by MAC or User-Name to make sure 
I just have output from the session I want.

This is not a complaint. We are currently moving from NPS so having 
useful debugging is brilliant and a whole new world where problems seem 
solvable! I'm always interested in anything that will make life easier 
though :)

Dave Hartburn

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