Understanding debugging logs

David Aldwinckle daldwinc at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Oct 23 17:35:16 CEST 2015

Hi Dave,

I find that the easiest way to read the logs is to start with the
request, and trace it down from there. Some things I check for:

- Determine if all of the attributes that you expect to see are atually
- Determine if the request follows the path you expect
	- Does "suffix" do anything?
	- Is there a DEFAULT from the users file that gets matched?
	- Is the request proxied externally, or to a local virtual server?
- Determine if authorize is setting the Auth-Type you expect
- Determine if authenticate is able to authenticate the user
- Is an Access-Accept or Access-Reject returned?
- If there is an Access-Accept, but the NAS still isn't letting you in -
Is there a Reply-Attribute that is missing?

If you're looking for something more specific than that, you will have
to explain the specific problem you are having and provide some debug
output (don't forget to sanitize IPs and passwords if you need to).

Also Dave

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Is there any advised technique or tools out there to help understanding 
FreeRADIUS debugging output generated by radmin/raddebug?

A lot of information is generated, but a method of cutting out repeated 
information or quickly highlighting issues in a debug session would be 

If not, is the best method working backwards, checking for errors in 
each packet log? I am already filtering by MAC or User-Name to make sure 
I just have output from the session I want.

This is not a complaint. We are currently moving from NPS so having 
useful debugging is brilliant and a whole new world where problems seem 
solvable! I'm always interested in anything that will make life easier 
though :)

Dave Hartburn
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