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J Kephart jkephart at safetynetaccess.com
Wed Sep 9 19:54:35 CEST 2015

We provide AAA services to a variety of client businesses across North
America, and we use FreeRADIUS as the final piece of our authentication
process.  Because our clients' customers are unknown until they attempt
to connect to the network, all user radius credentials are created
dynamically, after an initial authentication via another method
(typically, credit card charges, access codes, etc.); once that initial
auth is complete, we create a credential using the user devices' MAC
address to ensure uniqueness, and to facilitate the MAC auth feature of
the gateway devices we employ, which permits immediate reconnection
following idle time-out without having to open a browser (a limitation
of the gateway devices).

Of concern to us is that we don't want a user to authenticate in one
place of business for which we provide service, then move to another
client site, at which MAC authentication is enabled, and have the device
automatically connected at the second location.  This is mainly due to
differences in service offerings at different client sites.

What we're looking to do is create an additional table in the radius
database.  That table would contain the following fields:

    id                  primary table key
    callingstationid    self-explanatory
    nasid               identifies the specific site the user is at, and
                        corresponds to our own internal site id
    nasportid           the vlan the user is in
    groupname           the group to which the user is assigned in

As we create each user's credentials, we'll populate this new table with
the information indicated.  For each VLAN the user connects to, there
would be a separate row so that, as he moves from vlan to vlan, we can
update the group assignment in radusergroup so that he'd get the proper
group attributes.

Does this sound like something that could work?  If so, I need a bit of
help understanding where we'd put the table query (and the construction
of it) in whichever file it should be in (e.g.,
sites-enabled/default?).  The goal is to perform the query, and if
there's a corresponding row match, do an update on the username in
radusergroup to set the proper group id, and then continue normal
processing; if there is no match, we'd simply reject the connection,
which would force the gateway to redirect to a captive portal server for
initial authentication, as described above).

For me, the sticking point is where and how to put the SQL query, so I'd
appreciate any pointers I can get.  And, too, if there's a better way of
doing this, I'd welcome any advice!

I hope I've provided enough information to start.  Many thanks in advance!


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