FR3 RadSec for Eduroam (esp. Germany & DFN servers)

Zubair Ayub Zubairayub at
Mon Aug 15 14:19:37 CEST 2016

sorry sir for hijacking but i have write my own message too.

can you please share your knowledge that how to do this by mysql and ldap..

 i want to do same work as username and password user can connect only by its provided vlan not by any other vlan ..

what is the best method for this?

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> sir there is alot of files and i really dont know any thing about radius so i got confuse would you please give me step by step tutorial with coding i will be very thankfull to you ..

we all have paid day jobs. the how you do it has been provided, the resources to read have been
provided. anymore...and , well, I'm doing your job for you(!)

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