freeRADIUS 3.0.4, NetworkManager 1.0.6-27.el7, and wpa_supplicant v2.0 client side cert issues?

John Teasley ollieteasley at
Wed Feb 10 08:40:47 CET 2016


Yes I know I can point it to the CA. The issue is that its is still using
the global certs. This is not how it used to work. Either way, its not a
radius issue. I did see on a forum something related to this. The big thing
would be to see if you have the same versions that I listed in the start of
the thread. EAP-TLS work for you via NetworkManager?

Ollie Teasley
Linux Administrator

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> > On 9 Feb 2016, at 23:14, Stefan Winter <stefan.winter at> wrote:
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> > And here is the screenshot, unless it gets scraped.
> PNGs and SVGs are allowed.  Wouldn't mind a copy of the original email so
> I can figure out why the signature appears invalid.
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