freeRADIUS 3.0.4, NetworkManager 1.0.6-27.el7, and wpa_supplicant v2.0 client side cert issues?

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at
Wed Feb 10 09:15:59 CET 2016


> Yes I know I can point it to the CA. The issue is that its is still
> using
> the global certs. This is not how it used to work. Either way, its not a
> radius issue. I did see on a forum something related to this. The big thing
> would be to see if you have the same versions that I listed in the start of
> the thread.

I'm using NetworkManager 1.0.6 on an openSUSE Leap 42.1 with KDE5's
"Plasma NM" applet.

> EAP-TLS work for you via NetworkManager?

I use EAP-TLS only on my Mac, so can't say if ait actually *works* on
this distro.

Earlier versions of KNetworkManager and Plasma NM ill-advisedly
defaulted to "Use System CA store". It took me and others quite a fight
in the bug tracking system to convince people that this is nonsense and
that this option a) shouldn't exist in the first place, but b) should
default to off if they really think they need to present this option.

That seems to have worked, as the UI currently does not present that option.

BTW, you didn't tell us which UI *you* are using in front of NM?


Stefan Winter

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