Freeradius doesn't find libssl-dev

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Yeah, I'll give a try to apply the patch to another version of v2.x.x.

Anyway, actually it was me to brought to the attention of my Professor. I mean he knew it, but never used so far.

<bitching response="damn_right">
We, students, have access to eduroam. But DHCP not always is able to assign an IP. :( And, as you already mentioned, bandwidth is really depressing (at least on daylight when there are too many clients connected).

Back to my main question. I've just found this:
Since that kali is debian based could explain the reason of my problem. But, when I've launched configure script I've included --with-openssl-includes and the same for libraries.

Maybe I should try installing the package for debian. But, sadly, I've just found the package already patched but only for i386.


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>> I'm using this specific version because, I'm taking a Master Degree
>> in Computer Science and, I need for my thesis a patch that is
>> only available for this version.
> I'd be quite surprised if a patch for 2.1.12 didn't apply pretty
> easily to 2.2.9.

Yeah, same. v2.x.x was/is pretty stable in terms of code churn.

v3.0.x was a huge departure from v2.x.x so I wouldn't expect it to apply there.

In any case i'm glad Universities are finally making good use of FOSS*.


* I was mightily impressed that new Open University course on data analysis shipped as a Virtual Box VM deployed by Vagrant :)

Less impressed it took two hours to download a 2GB file from their CDN, but baby steps... Who knows maybe they'll offer Eduroam as a service for students as well as staff at some point in the next decade. Given that the majority of the courses they offer are remote, you'd think a priority would be giving students access to WiFi at physical Universities.

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