freeradius3, rlm_preprocess changed defaults without notice

Boris Lytochkin lytboris at
Thu Feb 25 14:39:18 CET 2016

On 25.02.2016 16:32, Alan DeKok wrote:
> On Feb 25, 2016, at 6:49 AM, Boris Lytochkin <lytboris at> wrote:
>> I am struggling moving our RADIUS server from freeradius 2.1 to freeradius 3 and found a (yet another) snag:
>> rlm_preprocess in 2.1 does load huntgroups/users even they are not specified in configuration because it has defaults compiled in. Version 3, instead, needs them to be specified directly as have NULLs instead of default location:
>    The point is that it's perfectly fine to use the "preprocess" module without the hunt group functionality.
>    If your configuration does *not* have "huntgroups"  defined, your configuration was wrong.
The thing is it *was not* wrong and there is no explicit notice about this change anywhere except code. I am not sure if a random freeradius user is capable of reading source code or write a rlm_ 
module :).

>    The point of configuration files is to specify what the server does.  If the configuration files are randomly empty... they're wrong.
>> This is not mentioned in "Changed modules" here:
>> and adds a cherry on the top of migrating hell pie.
>    Is that necessary?  There are really small changes between v2 and v3.
Yes, it is, really. I did read it though and fixed everything that was mentioned either there or during test runs of radiusd -X. (field note - it would be really helpful for migration to have a way to 
run radiusd showing all issues in configuration all together)

> It should be relatively easy to migrate a system.
We'll see. I hope so.
>> Please find a way to fix it properly.
>    Use a correct configuration.
Update documentation :).

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