Upgrading FreeRadius / MSSQL

Richard J Palmer richard at merula.net
Fri Feb 26 23:19:53 CET 2016

Hi All

I am after a little advice if I may as we upgrade our FreeRadius 
Servers here.

For long and complicated reasons the backed database is on a MSSQL 
Server rather than mysql etc. We are currently using the very old 
2.1.x server (which works BUT I know is rather old in the tooth) but 
moving to the latest 3.1 release.

However I have a quick question before I start the process.

Taking a look at http://wiki.freeradius.org/modules/Rlm_sql I can see 
that there are 3 possible drivers mentioned for use with mssql - We 
are currently using freetds - however the site mentions:

rlm_sql_freetds - FreeTDS (mssql)
rlm_sql_sybase - Sybase (mssql)
rlm_sql_unixodbc - unixODBC (mssql)

As possibly suitable - is there a current 'preference' ?

If it makes any difference I am hoping to set up failover between two 
mssql servers - one as primary the other for IF the primary server 

Thanks in advance

Richard Palmer

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