Why is the upgrade documentation is missing from the website??

Adamn Schmidth adamn.schmidth at gmx.ch
Fri Jan 22 15:11:14 CET 2016

Hello list,

First of all I wonder why is the upgrade documentation missing from the site:


I have found a copy of it here but not all pages:


Right now I still trying to rewrite old Freeradius 2.X configs to work with Radius 3. I didn no start from scratch because in my case there are bunch of configs, sql statements etc which was not written by me and it is not feasible to rewrite them from scratch.

I stuck with this error for example:

  # Loaded module rlm_sqlcounter
  # Loading module "dailycounter" from file /etc/freeradius/sql/mysql/counter.conf
  sqlcounter dailycounter {
/etc/freeradius/sql/mysql/counter.conf[48]: Configuration item "sql_module_instance" must have a value
/etc/freeradius/sql/mysql/counter.conf[48]: Invalid configuration for module "dailycounter"

Any ideas what's the problem here?

Why did you need to change the syntax at all in version 3?

What I would like to know the most is:

Will it be require to change anything in the database schema or I can just use the old databases what I used with freeradius 2???

Thank you!

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