User login restrictions based on SSID

Stefan Paetow Stefan.Paetow at
Wed May 25 17:41:11 CEST 2016

>If you want me to send the freeradius -X output again, i'll post it here.
>I understand you guys are busy with other activities and I appreciate
>your involvement here on the mailing list.

They are telling you to *READ* the freeradius -X output because it is
*very* likely to tell you what the problem is.

>run in
> debug mode, not just as a service
> radiusd -X
> or
> freeradius -X on debian/ubuntu package builds.

See above.

>> Wed May 25 14:54:09 2016 :
> Auth: Login incorrect: [sales/<via Auth-Type = EAP>]
> (from client aruba port 0 cli 38192fb2eb02)

Run FreeRADIUS in debug mode (as user 'radiusd' or 'freerad' depending on
your distribution). Then wait for this authentication to occur again (or
trigger it).

>Wed May 25 16:00:08 2016 : Auth: Login OK: [eby] (from
> client aruba port 0 via TLS tunnel)
> > Wed
> May 25 16:00:08 2016 : Auth: Login OK: [eby] (from client
> aruba port 0 cli e02a82e1afbf)

Ditto. Trigger this auth as well. See what the problem is.

The earlier error I saw was MySQL-related... I.e. The server was either
not running or available. When that happens, obviously you won't be able
to auth. But as the above auth shows (for 'eby'), that worked, so your
server became available or was started between 14:54:09 and 16:00:08.

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