Freeraadius stale sessions (no SQL scenario)

Roman romeo.r at
Fri Nov 4 09:52:54 CET 2016

2016-11-04 10:40 GMT+02:00 <A.L.M.Buxey at>:

> Hi,
> 2 things...
> 1) you appear to be doing a live simultaneous usage chec on the dvice
> using SNMP - that may take time...and it may not be responding

Device always responds. No problems with connection nor device load. If I
leave the server running user will try to login for ages, if it was a snmp
connection problem, it would be able to login after some time. I have to
kill server, change the nas_type to other, start server, so the user can
login and server is not freezing anymore.

> 2) you appear to be using the unix module writing to the radutmp module
> which eventually ends up with a huge unscalable file and problems. just
> use a DB if you need to have values to check.
We have only about 15 user and not planning to go larger than 250 user per
radius server, as Alan DeKok suggested last time, it is OK to use radutmp
in this case.

As I mentioned before, if I add the   exec("/usr/bin/radzap", "-u",
$ARGV[3], "", "secret"); before return 0 in the end of
mikrotik_snmp sub in checkrad file, everything works as expected. So it
might be a check bug or smth.

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