Freeraadius stale sessions (no SQL scenario)

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Fri Nov 4 12:00:49 CET 2016


> Device always responds. No problems with connection nor device load. If I
> leave the server running user will try to login for ages, if it was a snmp
> connection problem, it would be able to login after some time. I have to
> kill server, change the nas_type to other, start server, so the user can
> login and server is not freezing anymore.

guess what, when you set nas_type to other, then the server is NOT trying to SNMP
connect....hey, but then it works.  i think the issue is quite clear.

> > 2) you appear to be using the unix module writing to the radutmp module
> > which eventually ends up with a huge unscalable file and problems. just
> > use a DB if you need to have values to check.
> >
> We have only about 15 user and not planning to go larger than 250 user per
> radius server, as Alan DeKok suggested last time, it is OK to use radutmp
> in this case.

ok, ignore my advice. I wont respond to you anymore.


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