Help with getting a client to receive a DHCP request

Toby Walsh walshtj at
Mon Nov 7 12:58:46 CET 2016

As per my other threads I'm trying to set up DHCP on Freeradius.
Everyone's helped me to get DHCP to seem to be processing requests
however my client device is not getting a response so I think I've
screwed up the configuration and being a noob I don't know where to

My topology:

(1) ESXi Linux VM <- (2) ESXi pfSense VM -> (3) Unifi switch -> (4)
Unifi wifi AP -> (5) test client device

I'm ssh'd into (1), (2), (3) and (4) and running:

tcpdump -i respective_interface port 67 or port 68

and the output in each is:

current_time, IP > BOOTP/DHCP,
Request from 00:11:22:33:44:55 (oui Unknown), length 314

and nothing else, just lines of request in all of (1) - (4). Here's
the output from freeradius -X, so you can see how it's responding - Any advice to what I've set up
wrong? Could it be the message:

"DHCP: Reply will be unicast to your-ip-address"

where your-ip-address is the address I actually want the test client
device to receive in the response, so therefore I need to broadcast to
the whole subnet, or at least (4) so that (5) can see it (and I can
see it in tcpdump throughout the network)?

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