Help with getting a client to receive a DHCP request

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Mon Nov 7 13:27:49 CET 2016


> and nothing else, just lines of request in all of (1) - (4). Here's
> the output from freeradius -X, so you can see how it's responding -
> Any advice to what I've set up
> wrong? Could it be the message:
> "DHCP: Reply will be unicast to your-ip-address"
> where your-ip-address is the address I actually want the test client
> device to receive in the response, so therefore I need to broadcast to
> the whole subnet, or at least (4) so that (5) can see it (and I can
> see it in tcpdump throughout the network)?

okay..if you are tcpdumping the DHCP traffic to/from your FreeRADIUS box
you should see the outbound response....however, I note that

1) Listening on dhcp interface eth1 address port 67 bound to server dhcp

so the dhcp server is set to listen on eth1.  

what address does eth1 have?

2) I see this in your config "src_ipaddr ="  - umm, no. that address is LOCAL,
any network device worth more than 0.01 will not switch that.

3) the result:

Sent code 1026 Id -581776393 from to length 0 

"Id -581776393" concerns me - looks like some bug.....

however, "from to length 0 " - I think you'll find no success
because your linux box will not send that out.... even in some self-enclosed VM world, the basics
of networking must still be adhered to.   use proper address that can be switched by the network.


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