Ubiquiti AP Working with FreeRadius (David Teston)

Jose Quezada j.quem92cs at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 08:11:39 CET 2016


>I am currently using Ubiquiti Unifi APs, but I don't use a Ubiquiti
dictionary. You can restrict bandwidth using the Ubiquiti Cloud Controller.
You can run the Controller on the same server as FreeRadius (which is what
I do), or you can run it on any desktop OS. The Controller doesn't always
have to be running, but it's much easier to use/debug when it's on a server.

>I highly suggest using the Controller because the interface is
comprehensive and intuitive. Please feel free to ask me any questions about
my setup. If people want the full configuration posted, I'll be glad to do
that too.


Thanks a lot Sr David

And if it is the case that I have to limit users by sessions and by
bandwidth depending on who the user is. Could cloud controller help me with
that? I think not. For that reason i want to know if I'd do with some
moduls or something like that in radius. Although I have to create them.

Thanks David,

Jose Quezada

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