Escaping * in ldap filters

Peter Lambrechtsen peter at
Mon Nov 14 09:33:17 CET 2016

Running 3.0.x head from a few months ago.

I'm trying to have a ldap search filter that if I don't have an existing
VSA set then default to a *

filter = "(&(SIID=%{Alc-Subsc-ID-Str})(Line=%{%{LineID}:-*}))"

That in theory should mean if I don't have a LineID included in the request
then I would return * instead, but it keeps on getting escaped.

(0) EXPAND (&(SIID=%{Alc-Subsc-ID-Str})(Line=%{%{Line}:-*}))
(0)    --> (&(tcnzFixedBUASIID=V_1999999)(Line=\2a))
(0) Performing search in "ou=Fixed,o=Identities" with filter
"(&(SIID=V_1999999)(Line=\2a))", scope "sub"
(0) Waiting for search result...
(0) Search returned no results

If I just have a filter set to * then it's fine;

filter = "(&(SIID=%{Alc-Subsc-ID-Str})(Line=*))"

Any way to stop the * from being escaped?

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