Question about the supplied config file for tls

Alex Sharaz alex.sharaz at
Thu Oct 20 14:41:50 CEST 2016

For a while I've been playing with configuring a rad sec link between 2 FR
3.0.x servers so sitting on eduroam at work, I could proxy auth requests
off for alex at via a radsec link to one of my servers in the
cloud and getting an access-accept back so I could log onto eduroam.

Got that all working so thought I'd do he same thing for FR 3.1.x as I also
wanted to play with the tls-cache stuff.
Slight problem with porting my renamed tls confgi to V3.1.0

1). All the other server configs have "server <name>"  at the start of each
config ... guess thats a 3.1 thing. but in the source tree every
sites-avaialble file has server.... except the tls one.

Wrap server eduroam-radsec round  my  tls config file and I now get
Thu Oct 20 13:23:46 2016 : Error :
/etc/freeradius/sites-enabled/eduroam-radsec[8]: Failed to find clients
radsec {...}

Take the supplied tls file, wrap server ..... round it .... and get the
same error.

I've definitely got a section saying
clients radsec {

in both my file and the tls sample supplied in raddb

Any changes in format of the tls server  config that didn't get into the
supplied config file?


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