Question about the supplied config file for tls

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Oct 20 15:00:57 CEST 2016

On Oct 20, 2016, at 8:41 AM, Alex Sharaz <alex.sharaz at> wrote:
> Got that all working so thought I'd do he same thing for FR 3.1.x as I also
> wanted to play with the tls-cache stuff.
> Slight problem with porting my renamed tls confgi to V3.1.0

  I'd suggest running 3.0, unless you *need* new features in the v3.1 branch.

> 1). All the other server configs have "server <name>"  at the start of each
> config ... guess thats a 3.1 thing. but in the source tree every
> sites-avaialble file has server.... except the tls one.
> Wrap server eduroam-radsec round  my  tls config file and I now get
> Thu Oct 20 13:23:46 2016 : Error :
> /etc/freeradius/sites-enabled/eduroam-radsec[8]: Failed to find clients
> radsec {...}
> Take the supplied tls file, wrap server ..... round it .... and get the
> same error.
> I've definitely got a section saying
> clients radsec {
> ...
> }
> in both my file and the tls sample supplied in radii

  It should work... but... it's 3.1, and there's just no guarantee.

> Any changes in format of the tls server  config that didn't get into the
> supplied config file?

  No idea... I'm working on 4.0 right now.  That involves dropping a lot of the server on the floor, and re-building it.  I can still fix bugs in 3.0, but 3.1 is a much lower priority.

  If you can track it down and fix it, the patch can go into 3.1.   But I don't have time for it.  I can still fix bugs in 3.0, but 3.1 is a much lower priority.

  Alan DeKok.

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