FreeRadius reboot needed on adding a NAS ?

Frederic Fichter ffichter at
Mon Sep 5 15:26:01 CEST 2016

Hi gang,

I thought - but could not remember where I've read/dreamt that - that NAS defined within a SQL db could be added or removed dynamically (i.e. without the need to stop/start FreeRADIUS) ?

Doesn't look to be the case in my lab. OpenWRT NAS, FreeRADIUS 3.0.11. On inserting a new NAS in the NAS table (MySQL db), requests are ignored by FreeRADIUS (as they come from an unknown NAS). Reloading (kill -HUP) the FreeRADIUS process doesn't change the problem, restarting the FreeRADIUS process solves it.

Is this by design ? Any workaround available to avoid restarting FreeRADIUS everytime we add a NAS ?

Thanks a lot for your help !



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