Lots and lots of elseifs in sites-enabled/default

Clayton Knorr clayton.knorr at nuspire.com
Wed Sep 7 17:10:20 CEST 2016

I'm working on setting up a radius environment for wifi authentication with an LDAP backend. It is a multi-location deal and I'm going to have over 500 different SSIDs each requiring different LDAP attributes to match. So, there will be a long list something like the below. Anybody think that is going to cause significant delays or make freeradius poop itself?

post-auth {

        if ( Called-Station-Id =~ /AC-86-74-76-21-.*:SSID1/ && reply:My-Local-String == "140599" ) {
        elsif ( Called-Station-Id =~ /AC-86-74-90-AD-.*:SSID2/ && reply:My-Local-String == "330492" ) {
.....Repeat 500 times
        else {

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