TLS certificates authorities.

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On Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 10:52 AM, Stefan Winter <stefan.winter at>

> Hi,
> > Could you please clarify you warning regarding client configuration? Some
> > systems allow my EAP-TTLS+PAP configuration out of the box, do you mean
> in
> > could be insecure? Are there any way to prevent client authentication
> > unless it have my CA installed?
> The TLS channel is the only line of defence against credential theft. If
> users choose to ignore security warnings related to the certificate,
> anyone can present an arbitrary certificate and the user's device will
> merrily deliver the password in cleartext to anyone who's asking.
> The situation is *slightly* less critical with TTLS-MSCHAPv2 or PEAP
> because at least they only transmit the NTHash of the user's password,
> not the cleartext.
> NTHash can meanwhile be broken rather trivially though, so this won't
> stop a determined attacker.
> Getting the cert validation done right really is the only working
> repellant against rogue AP+rogue RADIUS server attacks.
Thank you, Stefan.
This is clear for me. Are there are any EAP flavor that uses strong hash
and can handle SSID spoofing well?

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