searching a solution for time limited guest authorization

Toby Walsh walshtj at
Mon Apr 10 14:18:22 CEST 2017

Hi Konstantin,

I use Ubiquiti Unifi equipment in my network. It has a simple interface
that does what you need. Do some googling and see if it is suitable. It
does require purchasing Unifi hardware and running controller software on a
server though. If you're running FreeRADIUS you can run the controller on
the same server. The controller works nicely with FreeRADIUS too.

Hope that helps,

On 10 Apr. 2017 7:51 pm, "Konstantin Knaab-Hinrichs via Freeradius-Users" <
freeradius-users at> wrote:

> I'm searching for a time limited credential-creation for guests. Kind of
> "valid until 6 PM" one time auth codes.
> Ideally for a second SSID. We're using Watchguard Access Points managed
> with a Watchguard Firebox Firewall which already allows detailed tuning of
> IP ranges and port blocks. The Watchguard would manage the IP subnets for a
> clean line between guest and standard user.
> PFsense looks like the Watchguard functions, just on a software basis. So
> that seems to be a bit "too far in..."
> Do you have ideas on how to realize that? I'd say we need an internal
> website where we can click on and then given access data "until 6 PM".
> Yours,
> Konstantin
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