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Alan Buxey alan.buxey at
Mon Apr 17 19:21:54 CEST 2017

You can run radiusd -X on each server until the Ready to process requests
line and then diff the output. That will show any differences in config
easily. Also check versions and build environment...Are they the same?


On 17 Apr 2017 6:02 pm, "Alan DeKok" <aland at> wrote:

> On Apr 17, 2017, at 12:41 PM, Oscar Jofre <oscar at> wrote:
> > I wish no need to try for hours, but even I'm a developer I don't have
> the deep knowledge about radius and even linux environment ... can't know
> about everything...\
>   The idea is simple: follow the instructions on this list.
>   When I say to post the debug log, I mean for you to post all of it.  All
> of the documentation makes this clear.  When you post part of the debug
> log, you are making it difficult for us to help you.
> > I wish you to point me to the correct instructions, I've read many pages
> about radius debugging, I've tried, trust me, to figure out by myself ...
> but still with no understand where is the difference.
>   Then post the debug log and let *us* help.  It's not hard.
> > I really appreciate you help !
> >
> > The packets should be exactly the same (no username in both requests and
> different result). I'm sure I missing something ...
>   It doesn't need a User-Name attribute.  The NAS is rebooting.  There's
> no "user".
> > If you need any more detail please let me know and I will the all to
> give necessary informations.
>   That was enough.
>   The short answer is to go to the file raddb/sites-enabled/default.  In
> the "accounting" section after the "sql" module, add:
>         if (noop) {
>                 ok
>         }
>   There should already be code like that in the file, but commented out.
> > I don’t understand about: It's in the FAQ, "man" pages, web pages, and
> pretty much daily on this list
>   When I say to post the debug log.  It's mentioned EVERYWHERE in the
> documentation, and daily on this list.
>   Alan DeKok.
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