Migrating freeradius install

Dagan McGregor list at sudo.nz
Mon Apr 17 23:17:27 CEST 2017


I have been tasked to move a freeradius install from an old RHEL server onto CentOS 7. In the process I am looking to move the data out of a mysql database (used for dialadmin) to using static files.

We are trying to keep the new configuration changes as minimal as possible for maintenance reasons. And the virtual server files look like what we need. 

Our site is only maintaining a small number of users with static IP addresses. 

A few questions...

Can I pull in an external user file with an 'include' statement in a virtual server file? Via a User section? 

If so, if I put the server file into 'sites-enabled', do I also put the custom users file there, or should it be somewhere else? 

Dagan McGregor 

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