Line indentation using tabs?

Alan Buxey alan.buxey at
Wed Apr 19 13:01:57 CEST 2017

ONLY the users file as that is conformant to the livingston specification -
which means the first entry (beginning of line) is a check item, the
following , indented, lines are reply items.


On 19 April 2017 at 01:50, Dagan McGregor <list at> wrote:

> Hi,
> The comments in the 'users' file mentions lines should be indented with a
> tab when providing options below a user name.
> Do all the files require configuration lines to use tabs?  Or is does it
> only matter for user entries?
> Are lines ignored if they are not indented with a tab?
> I notice most of the configuration files use hard tabs but I am not sure
> if this is convenient or enforced.
> Our coding setup uses spaces to replace tabs, so I need to make sure my
> deployed files are formatting correctly.
> Cheers,
> Dagan McGregor
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