Freeradius 3 sql not working with nas entries in nas table

.h h at
Tue Dec 5 11:41:14 CET 2017

Hi Alan,

finally I got it running.
Looks like i messed up my config by playing around with it.

i did a complete new installation following the docs here: <>

and setup the nas entris like i learned from you.

voila it’s running.

and sorry for not listening earlier


> Am 02.12.2017 um 13:51 schrieb Alan DeKok-2 [via FreeRADIUS] <ml+s1045715n5748230h57 at>:
> On Dec 2, 2017, at 7:42 AM, .h <[hidden email] <x-msg://24/user/SendEmail.jtp?type=node&node=5748230&i=0>> wrote: 
> > I always get: 
> > rlm_sql (sql): Adding client (debian9) to clients list 
> > Failed to find virtual server 
>   The problem is that you've been told about four times what the "server" field is for, what you should put in it, and what documentation explains this. 
>   Despite that, you're still having problems. 
> > why is it looking for a virtual server? 
>   I asked you if you knew what a virtual server was, and you ignore my question.  THAT is why I asked the question. 
>   If you know what a virtual server is, you would know that client packets get processed through virtual servers. 
>   If you had read the replies to your questions, you would know what to put in the "server" column.  If you had read the documentation I pointed you to, you would know what to put in the "server" column. 
>   Despite all that, you're still putting the client IP into the "server" column, EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW ITS WRONG AND IT DOESN'T WORK. 
> > i want to have a client. 
>   You're so focussed on what you want, that you're ignoring all attempts to help you. 
>   I've already told you *exactly* what to put in the "server" column.  Don't blame me if you're not reading my messages. 
>   Alan DeKok. 
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