linelog module and logs on multiple lines

Jérôme BERTHIER Jerome.Berthier at
Thu Dec 14 17:50:00 CET 2017


I used to write specific logs using linelog module :

Access-Request = "%S\nPacket-Type = %{reply:Packet-Type} \n\tUser-Name = 
%{User-Name} \n\tCalling-Station-Id = %{Calling-station-Id} 
\n\tNAS-IP-Address = %{NAS-IP-Address} \n\tNAS-Port = %{NAS-Port} 
\n\tCalled-Station-Id = %{Called-Station-Id} \n\tClient-IP-Address = 

Since an upgrade to freeradius 3.0.13, the log is written on one single 
line and the characters \n\t are not interpreted.

Is it related to the new behavior with "correct_escapes = true" ?

Is there any trick to write logs on multiple lines ?



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