Vieri rentorbuy at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 15 12:27:12 CET 2017

From: Vacheslav <m_zouhairy at skno.by>
> What is obnoxious is giving yourself Godly rights of judging and condemning people.

All right now. I don't want to participate in this sterile conversation anymore.
Alan, all I want to add to my previous e-mail is that:

1) I never accused you or anyone of lying to me.
2) I'm trying to be constructive like anyone else on this list.
3) I was just pointing out that "the client was saying something that was opposite to what the server was saying". In fact, you will notice that I also remarked that "I couldn't find anything in the Radius log that showed that it was rejecting the client's request".
4) I strive to be as impartial as possible. I'm just stating what I see. I would never imply anything, let alone that you are lying to me.

One last thing. Just to make things clear and to clarify my previous e-mail, "a tad obnoxious" was on a friendly note... Please put it in the correct context which is not always easy when writing/reading.

I won't be bringing this issue up anymore anyway.

Hope all's well.



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