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Fri Dec 15 12:38:54 CET 2017

On Dec 15, 2017, at 2:18 AM, Vieri via Freeradius-Users <freeradius-users at lists.freeradius.org> wrote:
> The fact that I'm tackling with Microsft Windows clients is neither my fault nor my requirement. I'm not responsible for choosing the clients. If I were, I'd go for totaly different systems. Just so you know, I've always confronted people who wanted to implement say, a Microsoft Radius server implementation, so that they would finally accept using FreeRadius. And that's just one example...

  That's all good..

> Anyway, I'm used to your comments so I won't take it personally :-). This goes way back. I've always known you like this. A tad obnoxious, but a formidable developer, a great help on the ML, and absolutely never ever a liar. 

  The problem is when you say things like "both MS and FR are blaming each other".

  That comes across like you don't know which one to believe, and you don't know what's actually going on.

  i.e. a one-line message from MS saying "EAP error" holds the same weight as thousands of lines of debug output from FR, and the personal input of the developer.

  That's... unfriendly.  Yet people get upset when I point this out, and label me "obnoxious".

  TBH, you'd get the same response from a car mechanic.  When you bring your car in with a problem, and he tells you what's wrong, would the response be "Well, it's not really clear what's going on, I think we're just going to have to put it down to unknown issues". ??  

  I don't think so.  And if that was the response the car mechanic got, he would inform you that you're free to go elsewhere.  Because disrespecting someone's experience is not polite.
> I hope you don't mind if I stick around for a few more decades (or as much as I can last).

  I'm always happy to have people stick around.

  Alan DeKok.

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